Prince to testify for Jackson family

The singer Prince may be called to the witness stand in the matter of compensation for Michael Jackson’s family.

Katherine Jackson and her lawyers plan to call nearly 100 witnesses. And one of the witnesses will probably be the singer Prince.

AEG who where responsible for Michael Jackson’s welfare when he died in 2009. It was also AEG, which had hired Michael Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray, who is still serving his sentence for involuntary manslaughter in the pop-king.

Prince , according to the website TMZ has had bad experiences with AEG, and it can enhance Katherine Jackson’s case for compensation of 40 billion dollars.

Even though Michael Jackson was over 50 years old and probably never made no more than $1 billion through the most active stages of his musical career, his mother , Katherine believes he could have easily gone on to have made $40 billion, if he had lived for another couple of decades.

What do you think about this upcoming trial?  Do you believe the Jackson family are only seeking money, as usual.  Or is this justice for Michael?

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