Conrad Murray will not testify at trial against AEG

The doctor responsible for ensuring the health of the singer, will not be present at the Los Angeles Superior Court in the case between the Jackson family and music promoter AEG Live, the organizer of the ultimate tour of the king of pop.

A new trial around the death of Michael Jackson opened Tuesday, April 2, in Los Angeles. The singer’s mother Katherine and children Prince and Paris  are seeking huge sum of compensation from AEG Live , the promoter  of Michael Jackson, This Is It . Among the witnesses not called to testify is Dr. Conrad Murray.

Interviewed live on CNN from the county jail in Los Angeles, Dr. Murray said that so far he had “not been summoned.”

“I did not intend to testify at the trial,” he added, because of “ongoing appeal” of his own conviction. The practitioner, who has once again maintained his innocence, hope cancellation of his sentence and a new trial. It considers that the judge in the case, Michael Pastor, “was not impartial.” Conrad Murray is serving a sentence of four years in prison for manslaughter . In 2011, he was convicted of having administered propofol, a powerful anesthetic to Michael Jackson which contributed to the death of MJ.

Katherine Jackson, 82 years old and the eldest children of the King of Pop, Prince, 16 and Paris, 14 years, however, should testify at the helm.

$40 billion compensation bill for AEG Live

In this new case, AEG Live is accused of negligence by the Jackson family for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was who was there to ensure Michael Jackson was in tip top condition for the upcoming tour. The Jackson family demanded $ 40 billion from the music promoter. This amount corresponds to the potential income the singer would have made, if he was still alive. AEG has described such a sum as “absurd”, pointing out that the singer’s career was on the decline, mainly because of his conflict with the law.

According to messages exchanged in 2009, the organizers of This Is It were aware of the health of the singer. “MJ is in his room, drunk and depressed. I try to sober up, “wrote Randy Philips, director of AEG Live, to his boss, Tim Leiweke.
A few weeks before the start of the tour, the artistic director of This Is It, Kenny Ortega, had tried unsuccessfully to alert AEG Live on physical and psychological state of Michael Jackson. He even asked in mid-June 2009, to a psychiatric examination of the singer. Randy Phillips refused this request. “MJ is still not fit enough to sing and dance at the same time,” insisted Ortega. Michael Jackson died shortly after, on June 25, at the age of 50 years.

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