TJ Jackson, guardian of the children of Michael: He needs money …

Co-guardian of the children of Michael Jackson since the summer with his grandmother, nephew TJ receives no funding from the U.S. government to  look after and care for Prince (15) Paris (14) and Blanket (10 years ). A delicate situation for one who is already married and has three children. This is why, according to, the executors of the King of Pop and have asked a judge to grant a pension to TJ Jackson, to help each month. The latter could thus become eligible for $ 9,000 per month retroactively from July, since he never touched a penny.

The money, which is necessary to TJ Jackson (34), would  go towards the means to educate Prince, Paris and Blanket if the judge refuses the request from the executors. According to TMZ, citing a report file, TJ Jackson is described as “extremely dedicated” to the children of the late King of Pop.After the death of Michael Jackson, it was his mother Katherine who was appointed guardian of the children of the King of Pop, according to the will of the deceased.

But this summer, the elderly grandmother, very briefly disappeared, making no contact for roughly ten days. When she reappeared, she had to explain in court and explained that she was in Arizona taking a well needed break.TJ had been appointed co-guardian, as it was too much for the elderly Katherine to take full responsibility and care of the children on a full-time basis.

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