Is Dr. Arnold Klein, the real biological father of Prince?

New twist in the Jackson family? The famous dermatologist of Michael Jackson , Dr. Arnie Klein, has just stir up trouble about the identity of the paternity of Prince (15), the first son of the late King of Pop. According to the U.S. site, the doctor has posted on his Facebook account a photo of him in his younger days, accompanied by a snapshot of Prince, to prove that there is a physical resemblance between the two of them. The image was accompanied by a commentary but rather mysterious – “Hmmmmm” – implying that he is the father of Prince …

For years, rumors were that Dr. Arnie Klein was the real father of Prince (born in 1997 and now in his mid-teens ) and that of Paris, who was born a year later. Some believe indeed  that the doctor gave his sperm to the star, and the rest was done via artificial insemination. Debbie Rowe, ex-wife of Michael Jackson, with whom he had two children, was also the former assistant to the dermatologist. Blanket, the third child of the late King of Pop, was himself born in 2002 through artificial insemination with the help of a unknown and mysterious surrogate mother.

Since the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, rumors have multiply on his private life, and to the paternity of who is the real father of those children.

To this date no attempt has been made to find out if Michael was in fact the real biological father of those 3 children. Or if individuals like Dr. Arnold Klein and his former bodyguard donated the sperm to him.

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